Air Humidifier Cool Mist Maker

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Air Humidifier Cool Mist Maker - light wood is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Exhausted? If you need to relax and you know you deserved it! Go for it!
Try our Air Humidifier Cool Mist Maker!
  • Excellent home brand, with amazing quality and a money-back guarantee, we only use high quality and environmentally friendly PP material, small and convenient to carry, with advanced tact switch operation, beautiful appearance, and equipped with USB data cable interface, suitable for each A variety of occasions to meet your needs
  • Excellent wood grain silent oil dispersant can add a few drops of oil in the water, it will be full of lovely fragrance, can relieve stress and fatigue of the day, and can also treat sleep peacefully. Some special essential oils can produce therapeutic effects, replace the scented candles, a harmful chemical plug-in air freshener, or a romantic atmosphere with a fresher scent
  • The benefits of cooling technology, cooling fog is very beneficial to health. It moisturizes the skin in winter or in an air-conditioned room, reducing static electricity and is ideal for warm, dry air. Add a few drops of essential oil to the tank to become an aroma diffuser
  • Unique and compact design, the stylish oil humidifier is designed with 7 beautiful color-changing LED lights that illuminate in the dark, with bright, colorful LED lights (blue/pink/purple/red/yellow/green/ Orange and combination) The house's stunning night light