42 Fragrances Aromatherapy Incense Tibetan Sticks

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  • Natural Ingredients ~ Use Ayurveda to enlighten your spirit & achieve stress relief the holistic way with these Buddhist Feng Shui products.
  • Unique Gifts ~ Spread good luck & prosperity with calming aromatherapy. Each variety pack has premium scents with metaphysical properties.
  • Long-Lasting Aromas ~ 6 mystical scents provide an uplifting, rich fragrance to cleanse your sacred space. Incense sticks burn up to 60 mins.
  • Enhance Zen Meditation ~ Transcend the ordinary & indulge your spirituality in positive energy. Radiate good vibes, health and happiness.
  • One small box Indian White Sage Sandwood.
  • Pure natural handmade sticks Aromatherapy Incense Tibetan